Current 2A Sanctuaries in NJ:  West Milford, Downe Twp, Sussex Borough, Franklin Borough, Stillwater, Montague, Branchville, Hamburg, Alloway, Maurice River, Berkeley Twp, Middle Township, Lower Township, Hopatacong, Deerfield, Egg Harbor Twp, Pennsville, Cape May County, Salem County, Oxford, Upper Twp, Lawrence Twp, Franklinville, Upper Pittsgrove, Stow Creek, Dennis Twp, Tabernacle, Warren County, Little Egg Harbor, Washington Twp (Warren), Lower Alloway Creek, Phillipsburg, Howell Twp, Ocean County, Sussex County, Commercial Twp., Monroe Twp, Tabernacle, Hampton Twp, Cumberland County, Monmouth County, Lacey Twp, Wantage Twp, Jackson Twp, Bass River Twp, Fredon Twp, Barnegat Twp, Atlantic County, Weymouth, Corbin City, Port Republic, Mullica Twp, Elmer, Pittsgrove, Hope Twp.



NJ 2A Sanctuary

New Jersey 2A Sanctuary is non-profit, non-partisan, NJ based 2A advocacy group that helps citizens of NJ understand the risk of our dwindling 2A rights in the state.  Our objective is to turn each county into a sanctuary for our 2nd Amendment rights.  We provide cover letters, resolutions to be printed and mailed, and easily found information on county freeholders to address letters to.

The resolution was designed to bring awareness and support for the 2nd Amendment community in NJ.  The resolution also includes case law that can not be refuted or denied.  In addition, by adopting the resolutions, we the people, send a clear message to our legislative and executive branches of government in NJ.

The core of the resolution is to restore our 2nd Amendment rights in NJ.


"The constitution shall never be prevent the people of the United States who are peaceable citizens from keeping their own arms."

Alexander Hamilton

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