Please reinstate our firearm ranges - our 2nd Amendment is essential!


Dear Legislator,

As a supporter of the Second Amendment and resident of New Jersey, I am again in need of your help to correct a problem with a type of essential business in New Jersey that remains closed. As you may know, shooting ranges were included in the recent federal guidance on critical infrastructure, but despite that, they remain closed in New Jersey. Governor Murphy did reopen firearms retailers and the state NICS system, and the state police did restart fingerprinting for firearms IDs. However, the governor has decided not to grant an exception to EO #107 for shooting ranges. I do not believe this is the right approach, for several reasons: 

  1. Federal guidance includes ranges specifically: “Workers supporting the operation of firearm or ammunition product manufacturers, retailers, importers, distributors, and shooting ranges”. 

  2. Ranges are able to retain proper “social distancing”; firearms retailers already have put in place such precautions that easily can extend to ranges, which often are under the same roof. 

  3. The current situation is an economic disaster for these small businesses, which are at risk of closing permanently. The loss of critical jobs and training facilities could be devastating, and also represents a loss of tax income for the state. 

  4. A state of emergency does not reduce the public’s need for firearms training; in fact, the need may be even greater due to the large increase in new firearms owners. 

  5. Firearms retailers and ranges are both necessary components of our right to keep and bear arms.

I ask that you let Governor Murphy and AG Grewal know you believe ranges should be exempted from the EO closure directive, and should reopen immediately. 

Several organizations in New Jersey also urge expediting the reopening our ranges: New Jersey 2A Sanctuary, Gun For Hire LLC, and Coalition of New Jersey Firearm Owners, representing many tens of thousands of state residents.


It is time to add shooting ranges as essential and able to reopen immediately, as was done for firearms sales and NICS. I would greatly appreciate it if you could once again reach out to the Governor and the Attorney  General to express your agreement. 


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